now society, college students entrepreneurship has become the main force of the whole society, in the business market, everywhere you can see the students figure, while the majority of college students entrepreneurship are often used a unique kind of thinking mode, it can be said to be a progressive mindset.

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"demand for fruit of college students is very large, but very little money around to sell fresh fruit, students are often very curtilage. After preliminary investigation, I found that the market is very large." So, Zhang Ke fourth and fellow classmates, 4 people created the "fruit" APP. The beginning is very difficult, "the less time every day can only receive six or seven rotten fruit, only a day away, the sum of 1000 yuan is common."

"fruit" currently has nearly two million fans in finance, technicians, now he spends about 100 single orders. Zhang Ke has officially registered the company, set up a central cold storage, the acquisition of a freight car, the enterprise in the short term to achieve earnings tax. Entrepreneurship is like taking a child, watching it grow up a little, although hard but fruitful."


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Zhang Ke