China is a country of vast territory and abundant resources, economic development of each city is not the same, and today Xiaobian know Sichuan province! The morning of January 22nd, a reporter from the Sichuan economic situation in 2016, a press conference was informed that the approval by the National Bureau of statistics, in 2016 the province’s GDP (GDP) 3 trillion and 268 billion 50 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.7% at constant prices, growth rate higher than the national average of 1 percentage points. 2016 Sichuan 21 cities and counties in the gross annual report released, reaching or exceeding the 7.7% horizontal line of the city reached the state of 17, with the first half flat. The fastest growing to Luzhou, Suining, more than 9%.

GDP, Chengdu, Mianyang, Deyang’s economic aggregate economy Strong City veteran still entrenched city state economy "before three, the highest Chengdu region, more than 12170 yuan, the GDP is only five digit city state.

cities and counties in six months of total economic ranking: the former stable after change

compared with the first half of this year, in 2016 the total amount of the city’s State Economic ranking reflects the former stable after change trend. Sichuan released client reporter contrast found that the total amount of the economy accounted for the top 11 cities in the state did not change, and then the ranking of the 10 has undergone significant changes in the adjustment.

> > > > de chengmian firmly occupy the total economy "top three"

from 2015 to 2016, Chengdu, Mianyang, Deyang’s GDP has remained in the top three, the order has not changed, the growth rate has reached or exceeded the average growth rate of GDP in Sichuan.

> > > > Meishan GDP ranking achieved two jump

comparison found that in the second half, Meishan successful counter attack, beat Guang’an successful host to the twelfth place to become rookie". From the first half of the 14 even jump two, Meishan’s economic development momentum is flourishing. While Guang’an is a drop, relegated to thirteenth. Also the realization of the forward as well as Suining, a forward, from the first half of the 16 rose to the 15 place.

> > > > Bazhong Ya’an both "tune" Bazhong back to the last third

2016 in the first half of Bazhong’s GDP in the province’s eighteenth place, with a gap of $940 million Ya’an squeeze in behind. By the end of the year when the report card, Bazhong and Ya’an both tune, Ya’an to 54 billion 533 million yuan results beat Bazhong recommend