joined the laundry market is very popular, but want to choose a good brand dry cleaning franchise, can not be so blind choice. Laundry franchise business occasions and the size of the facade. When it comes to the choice of the size of the store, not only limited to the affordability of the economic conditions, but also affected by the geographical nature of the business. If the money really nervous opened a small shop, but if the shop located in the upscale downtown area, so it may cause the amount and type of business shop business scale, can not meet the demand for services and quantitative demand without being popular. On the contrary, large stores opened in the low-end area, the intensity of poor consumption, can not keep up with the operating costs of the rhythm, the same business will be bleak. Look at this process, the cost of the laundry did not mention it.

dry cleaning equipment selection also do not directly look for the price, we must first understand the performance and how to support sales. Due to the cost of joining the laundry and the purchase of cheap equipment, it is certain that the quality of service and efficiency will therefore shrink. The best choice of similar washing this professional R & D and manufacturing ability to patent equipment brand, will be the "money tool" effect and play the extreme, because of its own proprietary equipment and familiar with maintenance and repair is very efficient and convenient.

laundry costs are reasonable? In today’s view is not a simple price can be simple to achieve. It is a tradition of thousands of years for China to keep its knowledge and ideas. The washing industry in the development of highly limited and are often seen as derogatory, can see three points, is for some non professional amateur entrepreneurs who seek the laundry to join the cost low, is not the reason caused? It is like to take this opportunity to join to make money, but ignore the real factors that they can make money, just about the only short-sighted hand money, but don’t imagine how to make money snowball earn more, this is worth the investment now colleagues to deliberate.

do you think the cost of joining the laundry if it is high, it is better to think about the reasons why the high cost of joining. Xu should be aware of the use of franchise rights in exchange for the results reflected in many aspects, the operating profit of the operator to join the laundry comes from this. To know the high-end brand service prices are not cheap, reflected in the laundry brand cost is also reflected in the price, the higher price if it is the business of high-end brands, not every clothes washing profit is higher, and the reputation and influence of big brands more convincing, more implanted in people’s minds. It can be imagined, the value of the brand to join the laundry.

laundry operators do not seek to pursue the surface of things. Now the market competition is mainly in the dry cleaning service price, it is not used to make price war as the main means of competition, in fact, modern consumers are upgrading, age level, consumption concept of mainstream consumer groups are constantly changing, using low prices to monopolize the market today is not easy to happen. Don’t believe, laundry brand >