although there are now many people love succulents, however, love to love, really into this industry to do business and not many people, especially some young people. However, the protagonist Huang Jiajie is by virtue of their interest in business succulents, but also get a lot of success.

you see, after the sun, the green leaves slowly red." Pick up a pot of white peony, while Huang Jiajie is saying. A fleshy, shy and he opened the chatterbox.

After graduating from school

two years ago, "after 95" flowers "three generation" Huang Jiajie began operating a fleshy planting, as a student of computer, he based on traditional sales, but also opened a Taobao shop. Business is pretty good, there are nearly 300 parcels a day, sent to all parts of the country."

reporter in Huang Jiajie’s business day live succulents museum to see several greenhouses, planted with different forms of succulent plants. A farmer is aunt side with sprinkler watering plants, and another in the corner of a busy growing points succulent leaves into the soil, and then breeding. The warm greenhouse temperature higher than outdoor, suitable for the growth of succulent plants. In a room in the side of the shed, I saw the ground filled with a variety of imported soil, flower pots, succulents, and plastic film, cardboard box.

staff are busy preparing the day’s network orders. The succulent plants and soil, and then wrapped with paper towel, then sets out on a layer of plastic film, we usually set in an apple, so packed, not bad." Huang Jiajie said with a smile, fleshy belong to "lazy plant", not every day watering, do not immediately planted, express two days time will not have what harm to its.

"after the end of the year has been almost too busy now." Huang Jiajie said that every spring and autumn is the season of sowing and selling. 7 employees do more than 9 hours a day, I sometimes busy until midnight. Orders, maintenance, leaf plug, packaging, things ah." Huang Jiajie said, planting fleshy looks simple, really do growers, or very busy.

"I grew up in contact with succulents, they are also very interested in. Now the main product is to quantify the main push, do wholesale." Huang Jiajie said that this year, he pushed the main mountain rose, the main 3-20 yuan market. "Can you imagine that this flower is smaller than a grain of rice?."

today, in his nursery, now there are millions of pots succulents, and this scale, the future is expected to continue to expand.

does it sound like magic? I believe there are a lot of young people should have bought succulents on Taobao however, relying on the recommendation