for investors, no matter what time investment in the jewelry industry will not become obsolete, at the same time, every year people for jewelry demand is also increasing, you know, in the jewelry industry, jewelry display is one of the important factors affecting sales.

An important task in material management of

although the jewelry counter placed much can be freely determined, but are not good will directly affect sales. For example, put too much not only takes money, will also appear in chaos because of its vertigo and make customer hesitate in the selection; put too little although saving money, but make the customer the choice of small, unforeseen purchase will peak because of the goods shortage and missed business opportunities; there is a goods display too little for the mall does not agree, because of the large shopping malls usually require the counter of the goods can not be too small, but also so the counter in the jewelry number placed there is an optimal problem.

counter jewelry varieties

mainly involves two aspects: the type of jewelry and gemstones. There is also a problem of quantity and proportion in these two aspects, and the proportion is more important. At present, the domestic sales of jewelry chain market is mainly diamond jewelry, because the propaganda is not enough people know little about other gems, and followed by a small amount of ruby, sapphire, emerald, pearl jewelry, and other precious stones is even more scarce.

should be adjusted according to the seasons like national day before and after put ring for the proportion of various types of jewelry; the spring and autumn season of multi swing necklaces, earrings, earrings and brand chain; according to the seasons change. So we should adjust the goods to adapt to changes in the market, enterprises can also have the best suggestion jewelry counters this season in the north and the South can transform north and south to adjust without new products or once had to date next year to sell to inventory.

there is to separate them for the special goods. For example, this season, the main push series, special offers, etc.. Do have the main time, highlight the main want to sell goods.

style jewelry counter

counter layout and decoration