was a civil servant who broke the head of the iron rice bowl, and now, more civil servants choose to resign the sea, start a new life with the entrepreneurial road. Ye Zhaohui, vice mayor of Zhuji in this wave of resignation, choose to join the army.

2013 in July 19th, less than 40 years old Ye Zhaohui became Vice Mayor of Zhuji. But in June 28, 2014, he resigned, is not it incredible?

he resigned after doing? Venture business!

what makes such a vice mayor in the full vigour of life choice venture into the sea?

Ye Zhaohui less than 40 years old this year, the reporter saw wearing a plaid shirt, filled with confidence and affinity behavior. To know him actually had heard, Taobao Suichang model, in the electricity business district is known to every family is a successful example of, Ganji started development was also Ye Zhaohui hand to participate in and support, and these are hosted in his early years he served as Zhejiang Suichang County deputy magistrate of the work, he researches on rural areas the electricity supplier in the field of deep. Asked about his views and expectations of the cause, he said:

Ye Zhaohui: you have a

"rural Internet is the biggest cake

The broad prospects of rural electricity supplier in the field of