because of the whole entrepreneurial environment, because the country’s entrepreneurial policies, so that college students embark on the road of entrepreneurship is more and more. However, different college students, because of different mentality, the choice of entrepreneurial development will be different. Here, Xiao Bian suggested that college students should not seek immediate success!

do not eat eat into a fat, entrepreneurship is, entrepreneurs need the knowledge and ability, need to accumulate knowledge, ability to exercise, the so-called Rome was not built in a day. Innovation and entrepreneurship often through long-term hard exploration and training, the function of the overnight. Therefore, must not be instant success, spoil things by excessive enthusiasm. And there are things that cannot be fully prepared in advance. For example, management, finance, venture capital, etc..

ready in advance, the real face of practical problems, may find and learn something completely different. In today’s society provides favorable conditions and opportunities for entrepreneurship of university students have the advantage and aspirations of the college students should accumulate knowledge and skills in the active learning behind, deeper values, attitude adjustment, methodology of the common problems, on the basis of a bold try hard, bold in practice and become the new entrepreneurs.

(1) college students need to be aware of the school during the preparation of

college students must have entrepreneurial venture into the ideal and ambition, otherwise, often by the difficulties and setbacks in the business. College students with entrepreneurial ambition should set up lofty ideals and aspirations during the period of school. On the basis of setting up a lofty ideal, combined with the actual learning goals, not afraid of difficulties and setbacks in the learning process, in strict law, a good finish school.

at the same time, we should actively participate in a variety of practical activities, in the establishment of purpose, planning, selection methods, the implementation of the decision and the action of the whole practice, to achieve the purpose of the will, the will to exercise quality. On this basis, it is also necessary to strengthen the will of self exercise, pay attention to the cultivation of self-awareness, self inspection, self-monitoring, self-evaluation, self command, self encouragement ability. In addition, to develop a healthy body, and actively participate in sports activities, but also an important way to exercise strong will quality.

(two) college students need to continue to improve the entrepreneurial process

college students want to cultivate the sense of business, the application of heart to study business knowledge. Especially in the practice of entrepreneurship, good at observation and analysis, to grasp the nature of things, good at collecting and using information, find out the basic laws of market operation, and actively seek and create business opportunities. At the same time, if the college students want to tap their potential, they must realize that the potential of wisdom is a very rich and complicated concept. >