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or granule, this drink is to drink, tea after the birth quickly gained more and more customers certainly, and demand is increasing, it is because of this market condition, so that contains the brand in the industry is more and more. Which brand is better? Next, let Xiaobian secret tea ten brands list, so that you can choose to fit the big brands of milk tea.

tea ten brands list, NO.1 &

tea tea is a strong company launched a current popular tea products, as currently specializing in the production and sale of jelly in the world’s largest food companies, since the Guangdong strong group Co. Ltd. was founded in 1993, has a "baby", "Lang", "Crystal Love", "CICI", "good times" and other industry well-known brands. Over the years, strong product has been ranked first in market share in the country, and has been named the "most popular consumer products, best-selling products".

tea ten brands list NO.2, xiangpiaopiao:

belongs to xiangpiaopiao Food Co. Ltd., Hong fluttering tea’s flagship brand, xiangpiaopiao was founded in August 2005, is currently the largest China cup of tea one of professional manufacturers. Six consecutive years of sales lead, known as China Hong fluttering tea tea industry is one of the fastest-growing enterprises. The company has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system, measurement and testing system, the standardization of good behavior enterprise certification.

2008 in April, the company held a "fluttering" trademark was identified as "official A Well-Known Trademark in China". In recent years, the company has obtained the Zhejiang xiangpiaopiao provincial agricultural leading enterprises, Zhejiang province food industry hundred enterprises, Zhejiang province food hygiene grade a unit in Zhejiang province and AA grade credit rating, the key enterprises in Huzhou City, Huzhou City, Huzhou City, 1010 high-quality enterprises typical demonstration project of "ten agricultural leading enterprise", Huzhou City pay large tax revenue and the honorary title.

tea ten brands list NO.3, Lipton:

"Lipton tea" is one of the many well-known brands are Lipton’s, "Lipton", the world’s largest brand of tea, Thomas? Lipton officially launched in 1890, 1892, Lipton began the globalization movement into the sports market. In 1898, "the world Black Tea Lipton king" reputation. In 1992, Lipton began in Chinese. "Lipton" Lipton launched in 2004.

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