in many food and beverage to join the project, the Korean restaurant in recent years, the market demand is particularly popular, consumers and investors favorite. Therefore, the Korean restaurant has become the choice of many investors, then the most important step is to shop location. So, do you know how to choose the location of the Korean restaurant?.

Korean restaurant location needs to pay attention to these three points

, a site to determine the traffic generation

shop location should certainly look to their investment projects within a district, the main traffic generation where to, for example, Tianjin Xiaobailou district is very mature, but not the district any position is poly off point must be the main position of the guests gathered. A Korean restaurant is the principle of striving to set up shop in most places and in the vicinity of groupkey.

Two, consider the flow of people

used to say, "one step is three". Open a Korean restaurant address difference may be worse than 30% of the sale. With the flow of people (abortion activity line), some people may go to before this turn, this is where guests not to place, not a small alley, but business is a lot worse, these are taken into account in the site. What is the flow of people, in this area, from the subway after it is direction etc.. These are sent to pinch table, to measure, there is a complete set of data to determine the address.

three, determine the flow of

shop in the measurement of the flow of the former, is in the plan to open a Korean restaurant locations pinch table records after the flow of people, the amount of time to calculate how many units in the position. In addition to the location of the pedestrian flow on the sidewalk, but also the middle of the road and across the road to the flow of people. In the middle of the road, it’s only a bicycle. Is the flow of people across the street to see the road width, road width is narrow even exceeds a certain level, the general is the isolation zone, customers would not be over consumption, not the flow of people across the.

is the location of the Korean restaurant needs to be considered, I hope you can help, you can play a certain reference role. If you have any other aspects of the question you need to consult us, please give us a message below our website, see the message we arrange our staff to contact you.