in more than a month to usher in the new year, but this year to go home for the new year wages of migrant workers are there? Especially in the field of architecture. Reporters today from the Ningxia agency department was informed that the Ningxia Housing Department and agency office jointly announced to the public as of November 30 Ningxia building area of arrears of wages of migrant workers, and social reflect 30 companies promises strong list, to further standardize the construction market order, crack down on illegal contracting, subcontracting, illegal subcontracting, illegal call behavior, and severely punish malicious arrears of wages of migrant workers problems, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers labor remuneration.

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reports, Ningxia Housing Department and the office of human resources and on the basis of "Autonomous Region People’s Government on the establishment of joint and trustworthy incentives and promises disciplinary system joint notice" to "the Autonomous Region People’s Government Office on the overall governance problem of wage arrears of migrant workers" opinions "of the Autonomous Region People’s Government Office on the payment of wages for migrant workers to carry out special inspections. Notice" and other relevant provisions.

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project is located on the Yinchuan Greenland Group Division home, Ningxia Longsheng real estate Yinchuan 20 enterprises, 4 enterprises in Ningxia Jialiyuan real estate, Ningxia Ji Yun development and construction of Shizuishan City, Ningxia Hua Sheng real estate, Henan hosane Wuzhong City Building 2 enterprises, Ningxia Jisheng real estate, Ningxia, Jianchang the city centre construction etc. 4 enterprises 30 companies promises to announce.

it is understood that the 30 companies promises released by the Ningxia Housing Department will instruct the competent department of construction supervision of territorial rectification, and credited to the bad behavior of archives, deduction of enterprise credit score, cancel Pingxianpingyou qualifications; on schedule rectification of the enterprise, shall not accept the qualification increase and upgrade the application; if the circumstances are serious in accordance with the law, withheld qualification, rectification, limit the project administrative punishment.

Ningxia Office of human resources and human society will instruct the territorial departments to increase the enterprises involved in law enforcement, supervision and rectification, make administrative punishment or administrative punishment according to law, for allegedly refused to pay labor remuneration crime cases in a timely manner to the public security organs, and to the city and county (District) people’s government and the development and reform, finance, land and resources, planning, public resource management, banking, industry and commerce, taxation, trade unions and other relevant departments to be informed.

building in the field of arrears of wages for migrant workers behavior is still there, for this social phenomenon, the Ningxia government announced the list of these dishonest companies. At the same time, the support of government funds in government procurement, bidding, administrative approval, production license, performance guarantee, quality audit, financing, market access, Pingyoupingxian etc. according to the law to give credit discipline, be restricted to their corresponding behavior, and social supervision. If the enterprise in accordance with the law to fulfill the main responsibility for the payment of wages, the arrears of wages of migrant workers in payment, you can delete the relevant information from the list of dishonest companies.