cooked food to join the project, has been very attractive. How do you choose to join the cooked food? Have the advantage of the brand, the best choice to be trusted. Halogen Lin long taste of food? High quality entrepreneurial projects, the success of the business you are still hesitant what?

Lin long rumored

halogen taste Catering Management Co. Ltd is a food and beverage management, a comprehensive investment and consulting enterprises, R & D, engaged in catering professional investment, join the delicacy, owns a number of mature catering brand, has a good social reputation. Below, the small series for the majority of people who are optimistic about the food and beverage industry to do a simple halogen Lin long taste of the 2012 most popular catering investment analysis.

halogen Lin long rumored taste of food, a century brand, long aftertaste

Lin long rumored as halogen taste food industry market hot brand, because of its more than 100 years of history and excellent product taste, and preheating million advertising costs, once the promotion has hit the industry. Customer panic buying rivals were forced back, even hundreds of people waiting long cooked flavor open event, There was no parallel in history. Halogen Lin long taste of food from the fundamental solution to the phenomenon of halogen free food industry, is a gold project in 2012 Investment development.

long history of the long history has been over a hundred years, has won the domestic and foreign consumers. Now, Lin long rumored halogen taste the eighth generation descendant of Mr. Li Liangdao in the inheritance and promotion based on the ancestral craft, keep pace with the times, innovation, research and development is more suitable for the tastes of the modern food products, and create their own unique huge business opportunities, in the country set off a new round of venture frenzy.

halogen Lin long taste of food and beverage to join: support more, protect investment

1, licensed to buy the right to enjoy the taste of cooked food brand "halogen Lin long taste of food and beverage," all of the franchise.

2, the image of the right to use: free use of the headquarters of the long flavor chicken image recognition system.

3, regional protection: headquarters in accordance with the Ministry of Commerce, "the principle of urban classification" to determine and develop the number of stores, specialty stores enjoy the right of regional supervision.

4, exclusive buyout Rights: halogen Lin long taste of food and beverage stores can apply for the purchase of county-level cities, prefecture level city exclusive right to operate.

5, agent priority: under the same conditions, halogen Lin long taste of the food and beverage franchise to enjoy the priority of the regional general agent.

6, performance incentive award: the completion of the provisions of the sales performance or purchase amount, halogen Lin long taste of food plus