December 21st, a reporter from the Xining City Social Insurance Management Bureau, social security departments at all levels to promote college students and school students and other key groups of insurance, medical insurance Kuomiangongzuo has completed a full year target of the task ahead of time.

it is reported that as of the end of September this year, the number of Xining City, the basic medical insurance for urban workers has reached 246 thousand and 100 people, which increased the number of 12 thousand and 800 people, is the new task of the annual target of 160%, urban residents medical insurance number 390 thousand and 300 people, the participation rate reached 96.5%, the new rural cooperative medical insurance number 991 thousand and 800 people, the participation rate reached 98%.

at present, residents of Health Insurance Co ordinating our province from 42 into 8, a six, a full realization of city residents’ health insurance fund in the state (and city) within the scope of a unified collection of management transfers, payment standard, unified treatment management and standardized work target. (author: Mo ome Su Jun)