the current dairy industry development problems, many domestic because farmers were forced to dump unsalable milk phenomenon, our province dairy industry also has the milk base construction lag, supervision system of fresh milk market is not perfect, milk prices for milk and dairy farmers to sell milk to the phenomenon of alternation problem. In the face of this situation, recently the province promptly issued guidance on promoting the stable development of the dairy industry, through market regulation, policy support, scale operation, standard production and other measures for the province’s milk production reached 480 thousand tons, milk processing and conversion rate of more than 65% dairy enterprises to contract the form of the acquisition of fresh milk milk station the proportion reached more than 90%. The guidance shall come into force as of March 16th.

to promote the stable development of dairy industry, the province will use 6 years of time, and gradually establish a moderate scale farms (District) as the main body, large dairy farming supplemented cows in the mode of development, industry leading enterprises to establish a comprehensive fresh milk third party pricing mechanism. Across the province will change the mode of operation, improve the level of breeding scale, strengthen breeding and promotion, improve the individual production performance, the implementation of mechanical milking, to achieve the pipeline of production, etc.. In addition, the establishment of multiple inputs and financial support for the development of policy support mechanisms and safeguards to promote the healthy and stable development of the province’s dairy industry.