Today, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a food and drug complaints management approach, the official implementation of the people of Xining, the tongue on the security of what will happen?

I city will be revised to improve food and drug complaint procedures

"general report within 5 working days can feedback." According to Zhang Shenghui, "the Xining Municipal Food and drug violations reward approach (Trial)" pointed out that members of the public to report, make investigation by the accepting department responsible for verification, the contents of the report, to determine the true, food and drug supervision and administration department shall be responsible for accepting the treatment will feedback to the informants. After receiving the report of the general complaint, the complaint reporting unit received from the reporting unit, turn office, assigned complaints, investigation and verification, according to the law, and will be handled within 5 working days to inform the whistleblower complaints. If the admissible complaint contains hidden, such as the discovery of black processing workshops, production and sale of counterfeit dens and other products for a longer period of time, investigation, or to the public security organs involved in the reported cases, will extend the deadline for feedback results.