Huangyuan County in May the field of Commerce and trade active consumption, adequate market supply, showing a good growth momentum of steady growth

5 months in the field of Commerce and trade in Huangyuan active consumption, adequate supply of the market, showing a good momentum of steady growth. is a business circulation industry development. 1-5 month my county economy grows steadily, third industrial added value of 134 million 940 thousand yuan, an increase of 4.2%; complete the total retail sales of social consumer goods 163 million 440 thousand yuan, an increase of 13.98%; the third industry investment totaled 242 million 130 thousand yuan, an increase of 45.15%. two is the "home appliances to the countryside" project in full swing. as of May, total sales of home appliances to the countryside a total of 4702 sets of various products / pieces, an increase of 50%, sales revenue of $13 million 518 thousand and 300, an increase of 92%, a strong impetus to the rural market consumption. three is the "vegetable basket" market supply and construction. recently due to a large number of mainland traders and harvest and other factors affecting the production, the county eggs, beef and mutton, garlic prices rose significantly in the first quarter compared with the first quarter. At present our county vegetable greenhouses planted cabbage, rape, lettuce, radish, cabbage, tomatoes and other local vegetables have come into the market, to ensure that our county vegetables and meat market supply.