in all walks of life, hunger marketing is a very popular means of marketing, is not what new things, but the hunger marketing also has its advantages and disadvantages of its own, enterprises need to consider the advantages and disadvantages and the application of the principle of hunger marketing, to decide whether to do hunger marketing. How to do hunger marketing? Need to follow these principles.

1. quality products is the premise: the product has a unique advantage in similar products and can not be copied in the short term, which is a prerequisite for the implementation of enterprise hunger marketing. Consumers do not impulse to a no practical use or no obvious advantage of the product to wait, to buy.

2. strong brand is the foundation: the success of the application of hunger marketing companies have a strong brand influence. Because of the high degree of recognition and brand loyalty of well-known brands, manufacturing enterprises in short supply of consumer sentiment is easy to accept, so as to join the queue to buy the team, into the hunger marketing model.

3. consumer psychology is the key: in the current market, completely rational consumers do not exist, consumers are more or less affected by some psychological factors. Such as fame, novelty, curiosity. To encourage consumers to pursue brand-name products, even booking or waiting also most willing to lead consumers attention; innovative new products, willing to spend a lot of money and effort to obtain new products; strengthen the curious consumer desire to buy, is that more is to think of it.

4. effective propaganda is the guarantee: hunger marketing to be successful, to carry out propaganda through the media products listed before the consumer appetite for hanging up. Hunger marketing effect is good, with the choice of media, timing, choice is closely related. After the listing of the product line up and out of stock, such as the spread of the real situation is the key to produce a product in short supply, the need for enterprises to cooperate with the media in the sales process. In addition, special attention should be paid to the degree of information dissemination, too much, the product is no secret at all, too little, can not stimulate the media and consumer excitement. Consumers are also to grasp the lifting of appetite, too small to reach the target of the enterprise is too large so that consumers have a sense of fear.