In September 12th, the municipal Party held the 2014 fall semester opening ceremony. Municipal Committee, organization department minister Bi Xiaoning attended the opening ceremony and speech. I am part of middle class young cadres and cadres to participate in the training of the new office of the county. Bi Xiaoning pointed out that strengthening the education and training of cadres, always is a major event of the contingent of cadres, the party has always attached great importance to, the purpose is to promote the cadres to enhance the quality, talent, service development, serving the people. Bi Xiaoning asked the students to study hard and practice science, contact the actual work more research, thinking, questioning, digestive problems, think good sense, the learning process into the process of thinking and practice of the process, the correct style of study, put down the shelf, with an open mind to study, take the classroom speaking, thought the dry hands, combine to further reform thought, promote business development, to do, to learn, learn to use with long. Bi Xiaoning requires students to pay for duty, faith, and continuously improve the political quality, failing to work from the party and the people stand, the local departments of the overall work to the problem, talk, make a decision; training style, treasure their own personality, cherish their reputation and cherish their own image, try to do a man, honest, kind, modest and prudent person; a good attitude adjustment, sow positive thinking. At the same time to practice work, not only to seize the time to work with the responsibility of work, more down-to-earth work, to tackle tough work, and strive to improve the ideological level, enhance the ability of talent and career achievements.