August 9th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment held to deepen the hands of Ping An line and check illegal, pressure accident, Paul security, the hundred days of the mobilization of the general assembly. For the smooth convening of the eighteen party to create a harmonious and stable road traffic safety environment.

it is understood that the city road safety environment to create a safe, smooth and harmonious, orderly, civilized city, public security organs and the relevant departments and the broad masses of people holding hands, focus on remediation of overcrowding, speeding, driving without a license, illegal lane, drunk driving, illegal manned truck road; road traffic order rectification and the opening of the new agricultural and pastoral areas high grade highway chaos; centralized investigation and management of traffic accidents, traffic safety facilities such as lack of serious traffic safety hazard. By strengthening road patrol control, strict vehicle and driver source management, strengthen the propaganda and education of traffic safety and other measures to prevent and curb the occurrence of serious traffic accidents, improve road management level and the ability to create a harmonious environment of city traffic for the people.