with the rapid development of industry, service industry Small and micro businesses play in promoting local economic growth, increasing employment, improving people’s livelihood, stimulate the vitality of civil society, promote technological innovation and maintain social harmony and stability of the effect is obvious, but the survey shows that Xining City, the city’s small and micro enterprises in the service industry. The rate has reached 50% above. What is the reason for the ill fated service enterprises in the survival and development, and have to die? The day before, the National Bureau of investigation team Xining through investigation and analysis, Xining city service industry Small and micro businesses there are five major bottlenecks in the development, if not break the bottleneck problem is the development of the service industry.

bottleneck one: preferential tax policy, "


survey results show that 219 companies surveyed, enjoy preferential tax policies, there are 108, accounting for the total number of 49%. With the business operators that exchange, the cause of the majority of enterprises can enjoy preferential policies are mainly two: one is the preferential policies for the lack of publicity, single mode, low awareness rate of enterprises, 111 enterprises do not enjoy preferential tax policies, the majority of enterprises are not clear of the government industry preferential tax policy. Two is in the process of implementation of the policy, part of the procedure is cumbersome, the use of a limited license period, and the role of tax cuts for small and micro enterprises in the service industry is not obvious.

bottleneck two: narrow financing channels

in the survey, some business executives reflect the lack of liquidity, financing difficulties. At present, the main sources of corporate liquidity are bank loans, private lending, own funds and other forms. Data show that small and micro enterprises in the service industry itself has no collateral required by banks, the overall credibility is not high, it is difficult to obtain bank loans and private lending risk, higher interest rates, so most rely on the original source of funds or by relatives and friends to borrow etc., the financing channel is narrow.

bottleneck three: enterprise costs rose

since 2012, water, electricity, steel and other raw material price fluctuations, labor prices continued to rise, the operating costs of enterprises gradually increased, while the majority of enterprises are labor-intensive enterprises, technical content is low, the price is difficult to improve, the enterprise income growth rate is far lower than the cost of growth, enterprises generally reflect the operating pressure, profit small space. From the report data, operating costs and three expenses accounted for a fairly high proportion of operating income, accounting for more than 60% of the cost of the enterprise is too high, or will have been faced with a loss. According to the survey, labor costs rise faster "enterprises surveyed 55% choice, 42% choice of" recruitment difficult "problem, with" capital intensive "problem, these three issues have become the main factors hindering the development of small and micro service enterprises, almost every enterprise by its troubled. Therefore, it is an effective way to solve the outstanding problems in the management of enterprises to regulate the labor market and regulate the labor cost.

bottleneck four: payment arrears affect the subsequent development of enterprises