January 21st, the Qinghai Provincial Public Security Bureau announced to the public to deepen the reform of public security measures for the convenience of 18 people, from 25 to start the pilot work in Xining city police station four. In just 5 days, the province received a remote identity card for the 176 people, the certificate of the 123, by the masses of all walks of life, especially in Yushu County, a warm welcome to the Tibetan people.

, through a press conference, public security, micro-blog WeChat, newspapers and other media platform for publicity, the pilot station posted a notice in the processing hall ready for all kinds of hot water and tips. The scene to guide the household registration experts, four police station received a warm reception window police masses, and the masses docking domicile household registration police station online verification of identity, point to point, collecting information and explanation, to ensure that the operation of the system, the business and the needs of the masses of smooth connection.

for the masses can not carry out the temporary identity cards, in different places for the problem in Qinghai for "whether mainlanders ID card is lost, the provincial public security department will be based on the pilot work, further strict test acceptance certificate system in different places, and actively carry out within the scope of the police training work for the window, after the Spring Festival in different places to accept work to cover the entire province eight city states.