electronic mall in the sale of fake brands involved in the memory and hard disk, these cottage computer accessories not only low prices, but there are security risks after use.

March 16th, Xining City victory Road West Branch of industrial and commercial Industrial and Commercial Bureau raid area CyberMart, examined the electronic market in several suspected of selling counterfeit electronic parts shop, memory and hard disk seized a number of suspected counterfeit brand. The quality of the memory we bought is too bad, not only short life, but also cause data loss." Recently, the success of the road industry and Commerce has received reports from the masses, reflecting the sale of a fake electronic mall brand memory. Subsequently, law enforcement officers went to the mall in CyberMart Town, two floor of a shop, law enforcement officers found a part of the packaging under the banner of "Samsung" and "Hitachi" on the hard disk, the professional identification of the scene, these drives are counterfeit products. Then the law enforcement officers to check the suspected of selling goods infringing a registered trademark of computer accessories E22 number, E27 number of 4 shops, on the spot seized suspected counterfeit brand CPU70, hard disk 35, memory 66, graphics 2 block, computer fan 7. Currently, the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers on the case for further investigation.