"business investment in Qinghai for so many years, the first time I saw monitoring system for the introduction of such a good policy for our private enterprises, add a private enterprises to participate in the fair and orderly competition and legitimate business confidence, after doing business in Qinghai business more peace of mind," a woman in Qinghai for many years engaged in medical equipment sales manager Huang Xiaobai holding the provincial supervision department issued the "improve the private investment environment supervision and inspection measures (Trial)" excitedly told his assistant.

7 in mid July, the provincial supervision department issued the "Qinghai province administrative supervision organs to improve the supervision and inspection of private investment environment (Trial)". The measures to further improve the service of private enterprises, and promote the development of non-public economic supervision and accountability mechanisms from four aspects of the content of supervision, supervision, accountability, accountability. The "measures" provisions, the administrative supervision organs at all levels will be combined with the style of construction and special inspection, every six months to organize the relevant departments to implement the policies to speed up the development of non-public economy, the promotion of private investment, the implementation of the "non quasi ban that, equal treatment, and further promote the" tube service "and other eight categories for supervision on examination, the policy is not implemented, the service is not in place, Chengnuobuduixian, lack of supervision, not as chaotic as the case will seriously pursue leadership responsibility and the responsibility of the relevant personnel.

it is understood that the "measures" to strengthen the introduction of measures to optimize the investment environment of private investment, the introduction of Qinghai Province, to fill the supervision system for the government service and promote the development of non-public economy, private enterprise supervision blank, will further address the government organization and its staff lack of play spirit and initiative service consciousness is not strong private enterprises and not as messy as other issues, to create efficient, fair and orderly environment for private economic development, earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of private enterprises, promote the development of non-public economy.