June 22nd, the CPC Putian in Qinghai Xining third branch committee in January this year and the north area of Bridge Street Party committee Tao village social enterprise party building after the agreement is signed. To continue to push forward the village (community) construction enterprises "work, adhere to the development of rural service enterprises. Chen Abing, general secretary of the CPC Putian third party branch secretary of the Party branch of the Party committee and the Party committee, Secretary of the Party committee of the small bridge street in the city of Wen Bin, deputy secretary of the association to participate in the activities of the donation of.
activities, 5 old members for the new village of the Putian pottery in Qinghai of Xining City, Third branches and 10 poor families, poor students each paid 500 yuan relief funds, a bag of rice, a bag of flour, a barrel of oil.