thanks to the industrial structure adjustment and supply side structural reforms, deepen the reform of the Western Mining Group Co. Ltd., through to production, strong technical innovation, cost reduction, product innovation and a series of initiatives, the first quarter of this year profit 25 million yuan, reversed in recent years of continuous losses.

face downward pressure on the economy and the continuous loss of the nonferrous metal industry environment, the western mining group closely linked to the theme of green development, to accelerate the transformation of the main line of development, reform and innovation as the driving force, to adjust the structure as the starting point, eliminate backward industries, increase enterprise technology and environmental protection investment, increase the emerging industry and green industry, comprehensive to promote enterprise reform and restructuring work.

since the second half of 2015, the Western Mining Group has implemented a series of reducing the effectiveness of this, optimize the industrial structure of the initiative, in 2015 compared to the year 2014, the company’s transportation, hospitality and other management costs have dropped significantly. Mining units, mining costs are lower than the average annual, smelting unit technical and economic indicators generally good. Group owned mines through benchmarking management, the release of production capacity, reduce unit costs, tin Tieshan branch, Tibet ERON copper rapid production. Sichuan Xinyuan mining early resumption of work, in addition to the main products of lead concentrate production were significantly higher than the same period last year, some products reached the highest level in history. Sichuan Huidong Daliang mining production operations to achieve a good start for the first time in the first quarter".

in the closing of the zombie companies, the successful disposal of non-performing assets at the same time, Qinghai lithium industry breakthrough to solve the problem of extracting lithium from high magnesium lithium than Saline Lake, a worldwide problem, becoming the company’s new profit growth point. Qinghai salt to achieve the development of varieties, the successful landing of the network sales platform. The newly established West Mine hang Xiao steel company has got the project orders, in the province to promote the implementation of new breakthroughs in the construction of steel structures. West mine group finance company among the upper level of financial companies in the industry, the success of Qinghai province to carry out the first two-way cross-border RMB capital pool business. The establishment of the Qinghai tea card Saline Lake tourism culture development Limited by Share Ltd, promote the upgrading of the Saline Lake scenic area tea card, ensure that the scenic park opened in June 1st.