Wang Jianjun presided over the forum and delivered a speech to arrange the work of poverty alleviation

May 10th, the provincial government poverty alleviation and Development Leading Group held a new round of government organs and the relevant units of poverty alleviation work forum in Xining. The meeting summed up in 2010 to 2012 the provincial government units of poverty alleviation work, arrangements for the deployment of a new round of poverty alleviation work. Provincial Party committee, deputy secretary of the provincial poverty alleviation and development leading group Wang Jianjun presided over the meeting and delivered speeches, vice governor of the poor work assigned to arrange Zhang Guangrong.


meeting fully affirmed the last round of our province government organs and the relevant units in poverty alleviation work. The meeting pointed out that, according to the national standards for poverty alleviation, by the end of last year, the province has 1 million 437 thousand low-income people, accounting for the province’s total population of farmers and herdsmen of the poor, the incidence of poverty is much higher than the national average of 10% of the level of 38%. It is necessary to deeply understand the importance and necessity of doing the work of poverty alleviation at the new stage, unify the thinking, enhance the consciousness and firmness of the work, and find out the breakthrough point and breakthrough point clearly. "The overall goal of poverty alleviation and development of our province in 12th Five-Year" period is: per capita net income of farmers and herdsmen in poor areas of the province’s average annual growth of more than 14% annual reduction in poverty alleviation and development; more than 200 thousand of the target, and strive to achieve poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation and development target in 2015 1 million. Poverty alleviation units throughout the country to consider, unified arrangements to implement the responsibility. To strengthen poverty alleviation measures, conscientiously sum up the promotion of good practices and experience in the past, adhere to the plan in advance, focusing on industry driven, strengthen labor skills training. To improve the working mechanism, improve the communication mechanism, the annual target responsibility annual consultation mechanism, poverty alleviation work briefing mechanism and assessment mechanism; to strengthen organizational leadership, leadership attaches great importance to cadres, strengthen supervision and inspection, pay attention to publicity and guidance, strengthen the building of grassroots organizations.

meeting stressed that in the new round of poverty alleviation situation, we must adhere to the law to help the poor, long-term poverty alleviation and pragmatic poverty alleviation, the most critical poverty alleviation to help the heart". According to the provincial government "on the implementation of < program; Chinese rural poverty alleviation and development (2011 – 2020) > the implementation of opinions" and "I," 12th Five-Year "poverty alleviation plan" requirements, to fully understand the poverty alleviation is a dynamic historical process, to do the grassroots, foundation and basic work, let the people to persevere long-term benefit. At the same time to do a good job in helping the poor, we must do a good job of helping the poor, so that every household can feel the warmth of the party and the government. The work of convergence, the relevant units to do a new round of poverty alleviation of the grass-roots level, understand the needs of the masses, be targeted, planned assistance; to follow-up services, helping ensure success, achieve commitment that piece is an echo, everything forthcoming.


meeting in 2010 in recognition of the -2012 province government organs and enterprises and poverty alleviation advanced collectives and individuals; the Organization Department of provincial Party committee, the Provincial Public Security Bureau, Song Jianguo and other poverty alleviation advanced units and individuals for the exchange of statement;