January 15th, the city of East China held in the Spring Festival in 2014 condolences to the families of the poor payment ceremony, the district government to raise 250 thousand yuan to send warm funds to the centralized area of the poor families of the 400.

reporter at the scene to understand that the 400 families were concentrated condolences by the top down application, review, audit and identified, each family received a total of $600 condolences and sympathy.

it is reported that, in recent years, accelerating regional economic and social development at the same time, the East region attaches great importance to people’s livelihood, the people, love the people, enrich the people "as the starting point and goal of all work, conscientiously implement the Huimin policy, and constantly improve the social assistance system, the region will meet the minimum conditions of urban and rural areas and meet the difficulties of the masses five conditions of the object, all included in the subsistenceallowances and five guarantees, the full realization of the target yingbaojinbao. At the same time, and actively carry out helping disadvantaged groups, only the 2013 release, guaranteeing payment of interim relief payment, living subsidies of up to 6000 yuan, to the party and the government care to the needy and fall.