new journey, new changes. West district is being carried out by the United States and the west side of the drawing and painting activities attracted hundreds of people involved, as of now has received hundreds of photography and painting works.

recently launched the west area of drawing the western painting photography activities through lens, brush, to capture the beautiful moments in the west, the western good culture, long history, beautiful environment, recommended to the outside world, so that the province’s national and overseas friends, more comprehensive, more specific and vivid understanding of the West, leading more merchants in Western investment. Since the start of the event, the reader has been enthusiastic participation, as of press time reporter, there are hundreds of people involved. Mr. Jiang told reporters that in recent years, the economic and social development of the West District, urban and rural areas have undergone dramatic changes, you can shoot or depict more and more landscape. It is reported that this event advocatethewholepeopletoparticipatein, as long as can reflect Western cultural landscape, cultural life, city building photography or painting, can participate in this event, please visit the west district government network ( query.