North District Commission for Discipline Inspection to enrich the clean government propaganda activities, striving for "learning by reading the books" authority, strengthen party members and cadres of good learning atmosphere, to guide the party members and cadres to consciously read good books, and promote good governance, to be honest people. Recently, carefully screened ordered a batch of rich meaning of the warning education books, free of charge to the rank of leading cadres above the reading experience, leading cadres to promote self-discipline, to create a good atmosphere delicate gas is still low low chong.
in this year’s campaign during the event, in addition to North District Commission for discipline inspection presented "corruption" the wife husband disaster books for the region’s more than 140 leading cadres, promoting the culture of "family" activities, but also for all district level leadership presented a "political reminder —- the spirit of the 15 party" we must carry forward the "political cadres and cadres to remind, worth pondering 8 questions" two books. Leading cadres to promote further improve the morality in politics, against corruption and build a strong defense, adhere to honest government positions.