In order to cultivate strategic emerging industries, Xining will focus on the development of eight high-tech services, 2015 to foster a number of innovative ability, high level of service enterprises, and the formation of a number of industry characteristics, highlight the comparative advantages of the industrial base, the high-tech service has become an important force in the development of Xining service industry. The eight high-tech services:Design — development of R & D service enterprise service

, encourage the establishment of professional design service enterprise Industrial Park, cooperation, the research and design of business enterprises will be encouraged to design outsourcing enterprises. Relying on the industrial base to build R & D and design of public service platform, to encourage qualified industrial park industrial design service center and the implementation of demonstration projects. The introduction of the formation of a number of high-level design enterprises to enhance the capacity of Xining’s industrial R & D design. To guide enterprises, universities, research institutes, financial institutions, intermediary organizations to build "research base".

intellectual property services – to actively develop the intellectual property rights to create, use, protection and management services, to strengthen the standardized management. To cultivate the market of intellectual property services, to build a diversified service provider and intellectual property service system. We will expand the scope of information resources sharing of intellectual property rights, encourage the development and utilization of information resources of all types of intellectual property rights in the whole society, so that all types of intellectual property service providers can obtain basic information resources. Innovative intellectual property service model, the development of consulting, agency, retrieval, analysis and other basic services, training assessment, trading, transformation, hosting, investment and financing and other value-added services.

inspection service, make full use of existing resources, strengthen the testing methods and technology infrastructure, development oriented design and development, manufacturing, customer service service of the whole process of analysis, test and inspection measurement service. Focus on the establishment of enterprise internal audit and third party detection platform combined with the detection network, and enhance the test method, test technology capacity building. To strengthen the construction of agriculture, food and beverage services, medicines, medical equipment, new industries and advantageous industries and other key industry product quality inspection system, encourage inspection technical service institutions by providing a single authentication service to provide comprehensive testing services extension.

science and technology achievement transformation service — relying on Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone as the leading industrial park, set up a number of provincial and municipal key laboratories and enterprise technology centers and engineering research and development center, the establishment of Technology Development Alliance in various forms, develop new energy, new materials, high-end equipment, biological characteristics and other strategic emerging industries, the research and development of key technologies and energy saving engineering technology and other special industries, supporting a number of professional and technical achievements into service enterprises.

information technology services — make full use of the existing information network infrastructure, relying on broadband optical fiber, a new generation of mobile communication network, digital television networks and information infrastructure, develop networking and next-generation Internet application services. Accelerate the triple play business and wireless city construction, efforts to promote network technology and business innovation, foster mobile Internet, cloud computing, networking and other new technologies, new models, new;