November 12th, the provincial Party committee held the third plenary meeting of the Council of the third. The meeting elected Provincial Standing Committee of Ministers of the organization Wang Lingjun provincial Party Building Research Association, Zhang Wei, Du Jie, Zhang Jingke added as vice president, Xianghao added storage 20 comrades for the third member of the council.

Wang Lingjun will further improve the province party building research work, Party building research should focus on implementing the spirit of the party’s eighteen and the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping, a series of important speech, to make new contributions to speed up the construction of the "three zones".

Wang Lingjun pointed out that the current and future periods, the party research should seriously study the new ideas and new viewpoints of general secretary Xi Jinping on Party building in the new requirements, the central task is closely related to the party’s construction in our province, firmly grasp the overall economic and social development, identify the location, as a major issue, reflect the value, promote the study educational practice, create advanced area, national unity and progress of ideological situation, Party cadres training and selection of Party cadres and people in need, the construction of service-oriented grassroots party organizations, Party building and group Party strictly administering the party organization work in etc.. Wang Lingjun requirements, the majority of Party building research workers should further enhance the sense of political responsibility and sense of urgency, to further enhance the initiative and effectiveness of Party building work, to work a good mental state, solid work style and science, actively participate in Party building work, to speed up the construction of the "three zones", make new the contribution to promote the cause of building socialism with China characteristics.