yesterday, Xining 10772 candidates (an increase of 189 over last year) into the examination room, respectively, to participate in the examination of the test sites in the 12. In order to ensure the smooth progress of senior high school entrance examination this year, the majority of candidates to provide a warm, quiet test environment, Xining city public security, transportation, industry and commerce, environmental protection, electricity, health and other units, exert their functions, to escort for senior high school entrance examination.

public security: the whole police mobilization test

to do this work, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau set up security work leading group, to carry out the campus and the surrounding law and order remediation special action, focus on remediation of campus, residential areas surrounding some markets, shopping centres and places of Business Day promotional activities noise problem, no business will be placed outdoors using sound horn, loudspeaker or other the noise to attract customers to prohibit commercial business activities; focus on remediation of individual entertainment noise; control the city’s road motor vehicle traffic chaos whistle noise, interference, interference test. Each test site has 10 heavily armed police on duty, each test site has special patrol patrol car. In addition, each of the test sites have 5 to 6 traffic police on duty, in order to ensure the traffic order and for the candidates to open Easy Access, increase a motorcycle in the original basis of each duty point of a police motorcycle, so as to be late or forgot the ticket candidates relief. In addition, the test sites there are 2 police with the County Department of education to do the exam escort, guards and other work.

environmental protection: focus on noise control

During the

exam, the Xining environmental protection department requires the construction site around the test site in the three day of all the work stoppage in, during the period from May 23rd to June 23rd, after the night off. All outdoor activities in the vicinity of the examination room shall not be allowed to affect the examination order. Every night, environmental protection departments have organized personnel to patrol, in the meantime, some sites do not listen to discourage the ban in spite of still insist on night operations, according to the relevant provisions of Xining city environmental protection department, the implementation of 10 thousand yuan to 30 thousand yuan fine. During the examination, the environmental protection department is divided into four groups all-weather patrol, the environmental protection department of Xining District, four sent a dedicated staff on duty at each test site.

traffic: 300 taxi free love to send test

June 21st to 23 senior high school entrance examination for three days, Xining City Department of transportation requirements of bus after each exam, will stop using stops, prohibited whistle to oral report station, when the vehicle stops to slow down in advance, reduce the brake noise; public transport enterprises grasp the line operating conditions, a reasonable allocation of capacity, ensure the operation. Rate and bus operation order, on time to ensure that candidates enter the examination room, at the same time to repair vehicles, keep a good condition; to forget to bring student IC card candidates with ticket free ride. In the organization of 500 taxi love to send test, free shuttle candidates at the same time, also deployed 30 emergency vehicles on standby.

business: 200 meters of banned Internet cafes and lottery

from May 23rd to June 23rd, the Xining Municipal Administration of industry and commerce;