The Ministry of Finance on 31 March 2013 the Ministry of Finance announced to the public disclosure of government information annual report, and said 2014 will further increase from five aspects of financial information disclosure efforts, including to increase the three public funding efforts to refine the disclosure of all financial funding arrangements three funds should be disclosed.

the report released by the Ministry of finance last year, including government overview of information disclosure, information voluntarily disclosed, the information disclosed in accordance with the application of information disclosure, fees and administrative reconsideration case etc.. The report also pointed out that the current financial information disclosure is still open to the central government budget and final accounts to be further standardized, the local budget and final accounts to be deepened and other issues, and to make arrangements for information disclosure in 2014.

Ministry of finance, the central budget will refine the disclosure of this year, the central government budget spending down to the entry-level courses, pay the budget down to specific projects in the central and local special transfer; strengthen public guidance to the central departments and local budgets. Expand the scope of the public sector budget and final accounts, in addition to the secret department, the central and local departments of the use of all financial allocations should be disclosed in the Department budget. Refinement of the contents of the budget and final accounts, in addition to the level of subjects open, and gradually the department budget and final accounts open to the basic expenditure and project expenditures, the Department will be classified according to the economic classification of public accounts.

Ministry of finance that will increase the three public funding efforts this year to refine the disclosure of all funding arrangement of three funds should be made public; at the same time, and actively promote the approval of the project information disclosure, in addition to the classified projects, the existing approval and established according to jointly implement the approval of the Department, the approval of the object and other information should be open to the public.

Ministry of Finance said it will strengthen the financial information disclosure and platform construction. Strengthen the organization and guidance of the Ministry of Finance website information release, timely release of authoritative information. Strengthen the questions, and actively respond to social concerns. Opening of the Ministry of finance WeChat to further expand the open channel.