"Poverty alleviation of poverty is a hard task, all levels of government have set a military order, must be timely completion of the quality." Over the past few days, attended the two sessions of the NPC deputies and CPPCC members around the government work report referred to the work of poverty alleviation launched a lively discussion.

this year is the first year of building a moderately prosperous society. At present, Qinghai has formed a consensus, the poverty alleviation as a "top priority" in 13th Five-Year and the first time to catch people’s livelihood projects.

is a member of the CPPCC National Committee Bao Yizhi since last year at the grass-roots level, through investigation and research, the formation of such an understanding, the current poverty alleviation work should do the "Four Transformations": from "target area" into "individual aim", reasonably determine the poverty standard, accurate recognition to the people, to establish a dynamic management mechanism of poverty object the. From "keep lazy" to "help the poor", to prevent extensive poverty, do carry out, to help support, there are constraints, adhere to the implementation of poverty alleviation precise classification. The change from the "flood irrigation for precision irrigation, let the poverty alleviation policy fell every poor family. Accurate assessment help precise poverty alleviation, from the soft task into hard constraints to promote poverty alleviation and restraint.

National People’s Congress he Feng said, to achieve poverty in poor areas, will be from the education, through strengthening the education and training to improve the population quality and skill, is to enhance the poverty population out of poverty and its ability of an important way to improve the efficiency of poverty alleviation funds.

last year, the province’s efforts to promote accurate poverty, poverty alleviation target for the year 201 thousand. For the remote areas of poverty, if you rely on their own strength to get rid of the difficulty is very large, and now the party and the government to put poverty alleviation work to a more prominent position, facing unprecedented opportunities." CPPCC National Committee member Han Xingwang said.

CPPCC National Committee chrysanthemum safflower believes that to speed up the economic development of agricultural and pastoral areas of our province, to lay the foundation for the fight against poverty. At present, the main problems restricting the economic development of the agricultural and pastoral areas are the slow growth of the income of farmers and herdsmen, the lack of practical talents, the weak infrastructure construction and so on.

won the battle of poverty is the "top priority" in 13th Five-Year and the first project of people’s livelihood. Representatives of the members of the province have argued that poverty is not only an economic battle, but also a political battle. They put forward a number of good suggestions on the national "two sessions" by speaking, submit proposals, etc..

"for poor households’ precise identification, can choose a typical village as the investigation village, calculate the poor coefficient, according to the formula to calculate the poverty index, and establish the level of poverty, poverty, risk assessment measures three index, make accurate identification work more scientific and quantitative." Bao Yizhi said.

is a member of the CPPCC National Committee Ma Zhiwei suggested that we should establish a mechanism for scientific and strict, the precise poverty and promote economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, ecological civilization construction and Party construction combine accurate support object, accurate project arrangement,;