In November 13th, East District college business incubator base was officially inaugurated and enabled, and usher in the 14 students start the project first (enterprise) formally enter the business, here, college students entrepreneurial dreams will be officially started flying wings. The incubator construction area of about 600 square meters, respectively, by incubation area, management area, multi service area three big functions, mainly as a startup incubator training center, existing incubation room 14, providing 3 years to enter the business of preferential policies for the "14 students start the project in 2014 East District college entrepreneurship competition" the selection of the management area; primarily responsible for the overall operation of the whole incubation between; multi function service area is mainly used for expert evaluation, entrepreneurial guidance, financial services, personnel training, the implementation of policies. Base in the selection of the incubation industry, mainly e-commerce, electronic logistics based on creative design, website construction, cultural media, advertising design supplement. Base will be innovative entrepreneurial employment model as the driving force, and strive to build entrepreneurial platform for college students and college students entrepreneurial team, enhance their entrepreneurial ability and entrepreneurial success rate.