with the city to speed up the process, some people in order to gain, regardless of the laws and regulations, to build the city planning and construction of the assault, become a stumbling block to the construction of key projects. Xining municipal government attaches great importance to this, in July 30th, the relevant departments of the city of Xining North together, the illegal construction of a week focused on the demolition work.
– witness: Sidaluanjian serious phenomenon of
in the relocation process of the joint working group of personnel illegal construction and demolition of the neighborhood measure, there are still people in the wind field.
– visit: cheat compensation for illegally built
the villagers private ride unauthorized construction of reason, north of the city of Xining city district government official said that this behavior is mainly to cheat compensation.
the project started in May, and in July 24th started the demolition work placement. Although the land management department has posted the announcement of land expropriation in the village, but the individual villagers in order to cheat compensation, and discipline construction and set up for days after the assault, carry out land acquisition lay hidden.
– record: the buildings demolished illegal construction of
is a building is building a two storey building, the main building has been completed, is located in a wood processing factory hospital. Law enforcement officers into the building, to ensure that no one in the room or roof, the command of the excavator began to dismantle. With the excavator forearm down, half of the floor with the collapse of the corner, there is no guarantee the quality of the building.
– Voice: do not let the private construction phenomenon of the spread of