November 27th morning, organized by the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau of tourism practitioners knowledge and skills training classes, 51 star hotels in Xining, more than 109 small and micro hotels in more than 300 employees into the class to participate in training.

Xining city tourism industry depends on the season, after entering the winter tourism industry faces closure difficulties, part of the travel agency, hotel staff have a holiday, in order to prevent the occurrence of such phenomena, the Tourism Bureau of Xining City Hotel, hotel to carry out skill training, preparing for the spring and summer tourism. The staff of Xining City Tourism Bureau, this year is a small hotel opened in the first year, there are still some problems in the quality of service and so on, this is a small micro hotel for the first time to participate in professional skills training for small and micro hotel development and the winter will have guiding significance.

it is understood that the event for a period of two days, morning training, afternoon skills show. The training course is also preparing for the upcoming skills contest, 28, after the end of the training, the players will participate in the winter of, held by the practitioners skills contest. (author: Ma Rong)