loan secured collateral, has been difficult to break through the rural financial credit barrier, many farmers because of the lack of secured mortgage capacity, unable to obtain loan support. Xining this year, the innovation of financial poverty alleviation, boost farmers out of poverty dream, up to now, has 430 financial poverty alleviation pilot project villages, issued financial poverty alleviation loans 18 million 110 thousand yuan, to support the development of domestic aquaculture farmers, family farming, agricultural and livestock products processing and export of labor services. Financial poverty so that the majority of "thirsty" farmers, every nectar".

Huangyuan County Bo hang Xiang Village is a step down to agriculture and animal husbandry of the administrative villages, the implementation of industrial finance poverty alleviation pilot, the village this year was listed as the pilot project of the current village village, 3 households have access to financial poverty alleviation loans. Shao Shengbiao is a village in a cattle breeding, he told reporters that this year he credits financial poverty alleviation loans 200 thousand yuan, raising 400 sheep, cattle 200 bulls, 200 pigs, not much interest, you can also on loan next year, a year down to earn a few million yuan.

it is reported that this year the city government will industry financial poverty alleviation pilot financial reform and innovation as the focus of the work, farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau formulated the "Xining City Industrial Finance poverty alleviation pilot program" in 2014 three, the County Office of poverty alleviation and financial departments jointly determine the Huangzhong County five Town Village, Datong County to pull the township general Gou Cun, Huangyuan County, the township and village 15 village industrial finance poverty alleviation pilot project village. The pilot 17 million yuan of funds deposited on fixed deposit bank loans, bank loans as the risk premium pledge, leveraging the loan funds 5 times, to the pilot village autonomous loans. From the beginning of July to the project user loans to the present, has issued 430 loans, $18 million 110 thousand, is expected to reach $80 million loan.