The day before, the west area of the Park Lane community held a team will be the topic of organizational life, community party branch to the "55 act" as the starting point, the unity criticism unity for the purpose of the special form really heard the sound of the masses, the topic of organizational life will be effective.

to make people’s opinions and suggestions have been implemented, the Park Lane community give full play to the grid work of Party building, meeting held solid "five meetings" through various forms of Party members and the masses, narrowing the distance. In addition to blindly collect opinions and suggestions, the Park Lane Community flexibility to carry out the five review activities, the work of the various sectors to get to the masses, so that we review.

it is reported that the west area of the Park Lane Community by implementing the "55 method" also includes the scene to carry out the "five test", thus highlighting the integrity of the team. Seeking truth from facts, five bulletin, in order to sincerely humble attitude. Since the "55 working method", the Park Lane community work in an orderly manner at the same time, welcomed by the masses.