from February 26th to March 31st, more than and 500 cadres of Xining city will be dispatched to various villages of Xining City, a month to carry out propaganda and assistance activities, let farmers know more about a series of rich peasants benefiting the agriculture policy.


activities in the countryside, the rural masses of cadres to preach the Party of eighteen, the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the twelve plenary session of the five provincial Party committee and provincial agricultural and pastoral work conference, the provincial Party committee, the central propaganda Document No. 1 and a series of rich peasants benefiting the agriculture policy, deepen the understanding of the rural cadres and the masses of the rural reform policy. The party’s policy into the vast rural well-off society in action. At the same time, the countryside cadres will also carry out villages and households, villages, social conditions and public opinion research, understand the weak link in the development of rural reform, put forward some countermeasures, and strengthen agricultural services, rural finance, management and other services.

in addition, the requirements of Xining countryside cadres with food bags, write the "diary", life changes, record the activities of the countryside and peasants little problems, to better serve the grassroots problem-solving, do useful and good things to concentrate; the countryside cadres at least 1 people do contact. 1 good things, go to the countryside at the end of at least 1 back to the need to solve the problem, propose solutions, and actively help solve.