annual new college graduates is an important complement to our social talents, in the field of entrepreneurship, college students also play an important role. The day before, Shanghai city held a mangrove college students’ Entrepreneurship assistance program, to provide guidance for the development of the cause of social entrepreneurship.



to start the ceremony, the young students entrepreneurial team from ten university Huaqiao University, Zhongshan University, Tianjin University, East China University of Science and Technology, Capital Normal University, Shandong University, Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan University of politics on both sides of the project show. Entrepreneurship projects covering health care, children’s education, Internet distance education, food preservation, agricultural technology, youth entrepreneurship counseling and many other fields.

a developed country, to have a mature public welfare support. Entrepreneurship to promote the development of public welfare undertakings, so that the normalization of public welfare undertakings, professionalism, not only has social significance, but also to provide room for young entrepreneurs.

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