in society now rumored this is a look at the face of the era, no matter what the first fight is the color value. And since the new thinking of the Internet restaurant up, fashionable and personalized restaurant such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain in each big city like crazy to open up. After a period of time, more and more operators began to have a headache. From the decoration, to the dishes, to the service to carry out the theme, even teeth did lose money promotions, but the result is still unsatisfactory, what went wrong? Before this, we need to clarify the actual situation of

restaurant where people flow in the most exuberant time, the largest proportion of the population belong to which category.

For example,

Che Kung Temple, Monday to Friday at a weekend, desolate, it is because Che Kung Temple gathered around a large number of office buildings, consumer groups are all around the white-collar workers, and work on the consumption of the most frequent; similar to sea world, happy coast this location is usually relatively large, from Friday to Sunday flow, and more for families, couples.

although the brand itself will be tailored to the unique positioning and the target population, but still to the actual environment as a benchmark. On the basis of the large time range and the crowd classification, then subdivide.

what are the salient features of the current consumption habits and preferences of the geographic population.

want to know, from the beginning of the education of a group of consumers is a very long time and effort, for large groups of small and medium brands are not realistic. Want to change a long form of consumer habits and preferences also is not an easy thing, if not down, can easily be cruel consumers forgotten.

what is the acceptable level of consumption in the geographical range or the flow of people who can often come here?.

consumers usually have a fixed psychological expectations, such as daily dining out with friends or family can afford the price range is not more than 80 yuan per capita, then part of the high-end product restaurant had already lost at the starting line.

many brands are also aware of this, so in order to increase the flow of people in the store, the beginning of a long effort to discount. However, in addition to the practice of this injury, the restaurant is not attracted to its own consumer groups. Once the event is over, this wave of people will not hesitate to look for the next restaurant is doing concessions.

after careful analysis of the actual situation, it is necessary to re adjust the personality and location of the restaurant according to reality, of course, not. But this kind of research can make the strategy more scientific and effective. In addition to the earth