on the micro-blog platform, familiar people should know that micro-blog now is more than just a variety of news release, it has also become a collection of commercial venues, many rely on micro-blog to achieve entrepreneurial success stories. In this paper, the introduction of the hero is such a successful case, let us know the following.

sells imported fruit on micro-blog, Liang Jun graduated from the University, now 22 years old, he is the "Wuhan Xin East fruit" micro-blog spokesman "and behind the shop owner". Every morning, a small beam in micro-blog posted on the supply of fresh fruit, a picture and a short text, even just a bunch of fruit name and price, but the price of small business. Liang Jun said, micro-blog shop and Taobao shop is different, is to sell micro-blog + logistics and distribution model to sell imported fruit.

"first of all, the quality of your stuff is really hard enough, the service is better. Fans will naturally recommend to friends. Second, but also often engage in some awards activities, and guests interact on micro-blog, a large part of the business is micro-blog fans support."

"if micro-blog’s marketing content is too direct, blunt, even if there are thousands of ‘fans’, can not produce actual purchasing power. Micro-blog’s content only through the exchange of friends, the expression of a strong human touch in order to achieve the purpose of selling goods in the story." Liang Jun said that micro-blog on the exchange, will inevitably further understanding, shopkeepers and fans of communication and exchange, human is a very significant label, advertising effect is too stiff to get.

fans in the maintenance, Liang Jun said that their customers are mainly white-collar women, 25 – to 40 years old, there is a good economic strength, as well as fashion consumer attitudes. Taking into account these factors, as well as several of his delivery of the car for a transit view plus two overbearing, their dress to clean fashion, mobile phones are iPhone. Now Liang Jun micro-blog fans more than 4000, the store’s daily sales of about $5000, a good time even up to ten thousand yuan.

micro-blog has now become a channel for more and more people to make money, as long as the good use of wealth is not difficult to create. So, after reading a small series of such a simple introduction, and now you think you can use micro-blog to earn their own profit?