want to venture more and more people, to join the industry once again usher in the development of the spring, but this line of water is very deep, it is not easy to feel clear. Recently, a growing number of investment companies to join the "zero" slogan, in order to attract the attention of investors. It is undeniable that the zero fee is really very attractive, after all, a few hundred thousand dollars a fee for many investors is a lot of money. So free lunch, grassroots investors can really eat it?

, deposit fee to use the brand up

whenever launched a "zero join" business, basically will charge a deposit and management fee to the franchisee.

brand use fee, also called management fees, but no matter what, the franchisee is required to pay the cost of this part, this part of the cost usually pay by years, the amount from a few thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars. To say, as a franchisee use brand, pay some fee is reasonable, but this fee is a little expensive. If the franchisee to join 3 years, pay management fees may be much higher than the joining fee.

According to a

Follow up


according to the small mean, investors still behave to pay the initial fee, or "forced" enterprises gathered from other places.

this is not a show, Xiao Bian found a project is "zero fee", a lot of people ready to invest, this enterprise is really the "noble", which recommended gold