when the first wave of entrepreneurial boom in the past, there are those who believe that the advent of the advent of entrepreneurship winter, entrepreneurs in the hands of the coffee will be cool". However, there are more enthusiastic customers do not fear the cold, embrace entrepreneurial dream, into Beijing, Zhongguancun, the entrepreneurial holy land.

for business owners, recently issued a "public business may be cold coffee" argument. However, in the Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone in Zhongguancun Venture Street, every day together with countless entrepreneurs, "the prime minister and a cup of coffee, chat start" fragrant breath still echoed in the street.

"entrepreneurial coffee, cold and heat, can appreciate from provide services for entrepreneurs in the cafe — here is according to many entrepreneurs. Come here, not only to see a lot of famous enterprises gathered, but also to see many grassroots entrepreneurs converge. This makes people think, this is what strength? What is the charm of "entrepreneurial coffee"?

"entrepreneurs, most needed in the initial stage is an energy field, so that they can gather energy here freely." Garage coffee CEO Li Yan told the China business news reporter, and entrepreneurial coffee is to meet the needs of everyone.

for entrepreneurs, Zhongguancun Science Park, Tsinghua Science Park Park location and resources and services as their ideal university. But entrepreneurship and learning is not the same, in addition to a certain amount of money, but also need to have a certain degree of qualification, with objective data, the formation of a certain scale, can be settled. This for those who do not have enough money, not scale, but with a brilliant creative grassroots entrepreneurs, it is the park’s threshold blocking the door.

"many excellent creative talents are often scattered in every corner of the society, they have the potential to be a professional in a certain field, but they were not noticed, no fame, no access to the park." Li Yan said, entrepreneurs to this gathering, there is an opportunity for recommendation