education in today’s society is not the most important thing, in a competitive society, the ability seems to be more important than education. Graduated from technical secondary school, from "saolou" sell office furniture company in southwest area manager do, fail in business fully satisfied or contented in the final blow, setbacks have become successful?? more than and 170 franchise laundry manager. Not yet 30 years old Wang Qiang, is about to start the business of ordinary young people, can be regarded as a successful sample".

"venture to be successful, in addition to strong entrepreneurial aspirations." there are a lot of homework to do." Looking back on his experience, Wang Qiang regrets.

entry of the business to taste victory

hard return. 2000, Wang Qiang highest monthly salary to get 14 thousand yuan, two years later was promoted to the southwest area sales manager.

was observed on their dry cleaners in 3 months after the summer of 2002, Wang Qiang submitted his resignation to the company and opened a laundry factory. In order to style, 300 thousand yuan venture gold, he put 30 thousand yuan spent on the decoration of the office.

then after half a check, Wang Qiang found the washing plant at a loss. It turned out that at the time of the laundry more expensive caustic soda washing method, and Wang Qiang is the most advanced environmentally friendly washing methods, there are 13 processes, the cost is twice higher than the caustic soda method. But in order to seize the market, the laundry price of similar clothes, Wang