many times, we found that we do a lot of money invested in marketing, but did not receive very good results, the waste of marketing is very serious. Pay a lot of effort, the results are not proportional to it. This time, you have to reflect on their own brand marketing strategy. 6 kinds of misunderstanding of marketing marketing this mess, not step on several minefields.

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according to preferences and behavior if you or your friends, for customers to imagine, this will be a mess of things. The end result of the marketing campaign is likely to be in conflict with your target audience, and the customer’s true wishes, needs, preferences and behavior are not adjusted, so you can not bring benefits to the brand.

customers do not understand

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in our social networks with the world, advertisers and traditional media is no longer the only source of influence buying behavior. Today’s consumer buying behavior is influenced by the social network of peers. Before you become a potential customer, you need to rethink your approach to the customer. Do you interact with customers via social networking? It might as well try to listen to social media news, the development of search engines, the development of content strategy and other network tools.