two to do a study of education is constantly deepening the implementation of the reform, in order to ensure that the two study to do a good job of learning and education can be effective, recently, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the party is an important indicator.

"13th Five-Year" open a new journey, to strictly take new steps. "Two a" learning is a major deployment to strengthen ideological and political construction, is to promote the coordination of "four comprehensive" strategy to promote the overall layout especially strictly extends to the grassroots of the powerful starting point. To ensure the effectiveness of learning and education, is the central requirement, but also the people’s expectations.

and carry out the "two a" study and education, to ensure the effectiveness, highlighting the problem oriented is the key. The basic level is the foundation of the ruling party and the source of strength. Promote the comprehensive strictly extends to the grassroots, to the implementation of each branch, each party member. Only with specific issues, specific problems, to solve the problems of learning throughout the whole education process, to learn the essence and practice, so that the grass-roots party organizations stronger, make the foundation of the party more firm.

for some party fuzzy ideals and beliefs shaken, the consciousness of the party desalination, a sense of purpose, to establish clear standards, party constitution norms, to strengthen the theory of armed speech series and unified thought and action, so the qualified scale up, the person’s bottom line zoned out, put up the tree image of pioneer members the action reflects the power of belief.