era in the development and progress, the concept of employment is gradually changing, more and more embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. For small businesses, the lack of funds, limited the development of entrepreneurship shop, but also to pay attention to more aspects of the matter. Small investment can also achieve great cause, small investment shop is a trick, as long as the master, the same can be successful, the dream of becoming rich into reality.

(1) to be fully prepared

First of all, the

should be fully prepared mentally and spiritually. Choose entrepreneurship, means for their career, his responsibility is to cannot be mention in the same breath compared to work for other people. Shop is more tired, first of all to make the plan to endure hardship, the world does not have to pay to get good things. Before going to the store to seriously consider whether their personality is suitable for entrepreneurship, their hobbies are here.

(2) carefully select industry and brand

choose a right to join the project, is undoubtedly a good start to join the cause. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are. On the industry and brand choice, in general, the following methods can be used:

one is to focus on market research, market analysis and forecast. To examine the status of the shop under the local industry business, in a good market background will flow easily entrepreneurial wealth more than contrarian.

two is to choose their own familiar with the industry and knowledge of the industry, as the investment objectives, should give full play to their knowledge and skills, regard it as a favorable condition for the choice of investment projects.

three is if you can not choose a familiar industry to start a business, then choose a good fit for yourself, can give yourself a strong support for the shop to continue to join the chain headquarters has become very important. Good brands and poor brands tend to have a big gap. In the present more popular popular mid-range jewelry industry as an example, why British Joyce jewelry will be lack of entrepreneurial experience to join the entrepreneurs of all ages? Because the brand is well aware of be closely related and mutually dependent Joyce and the franchisee, the franchisee’s development give full support to the strategic level.

(3) to raise funds

when you initially selected to join the project, and then to solve the problem is to raise funds. Because of adverse to raise money, there are a lot of people thought the shop became impossible. So, how to raise funds? First, personal deposits are the main source of funding. Therefore, if there is ready to shop, usually pay attention to save, as much as possible to store some start-up funds. The >