although many people can not only look at the appearance, however, all walks of life will be very focused on people’s appearance, and even some people will be deceived. Some time ago I read an article about the "BMW male" reports: dressed in designer clothes, open rent every day thousands of BMW cars, all the way to the north, along the Hunan, Hubei, sneaked into the territory of Henan, Shanxi and other places, mainly high-end residential start, continuous burglary 17.

18, a local police told the media briefing several burglary cases, the perpetrators are driving a luxury car to commit the crime, ask the reason that it is not easy to cause suspicion. Reading the report, I can not help but ponder: Nowadays, people in the pursuit of fashion, often with tainted glasses look, go to the mall to see many sales staff of well-dressed customer smile, to wear an ordinary customers are indifferent, in fact, the outer table dressed customers do not really have to buy force.


summer afternoon, I bored in the shop sitting inside, because after a long time, the business is very quiet, I leaned on the counter near the door, watching the road cars and pedestrians, mind thinking about how to make the store business as prosperous as usual, since the 10 meters away place a shop than my big half cigarette and liquor vendor store business, is a day than a day, the pressure of the heart is more and more big.

As I struggled to think about

when a black BMW car slowly stopped at the door of the inn, from the car down a thirty something man, 75 meters tall, well-dressed, fine texture, is a kind of refined and cultured the ornamental and the combined plain properties, the temperament of men of literature and writing.

man walked into the store and said to me: "boss, I had a few days to buy a feast, want to buy a few cigarettes, you often sell, have experience, looking at to pick! You have to hurry. I’m in a hurry!" I heard this is a big customer, immediately to the spirit, hurried up from his chair, first introduced him to the clouds, smoke, Su Liqun, Nanyang, Yuxi and other varieties, and then recommend the Liuyang River, Luzhou Lao Jiao, doukan etc. to give him wine.

he chose a variety, I was in accordance with the requirements of good goods, a good price calculation, he said: "the boss, I will put the wine on the car, you give me to find a box to pack these cigarettes, so I am holding inconvenient." I was the only one at that time, a little hesitation, or promised his request. I turned to the shelf behind him for paper box, so I took out a paper box, but not seen, disappear and my thousands of dollars worth of wine, I suddenly dumbfounded.

originally thought it was a small deal, hoping to meet each other as soon as possible, as soon as possible, I can not imagine