said the business can not fail to mention the most popular Internet business, Internet business has now entered a new period of development, from simple network mode to the network integration with traditional industries, "Internet plus" become a hot spot for entrepreneurs must think.

"Internet plus focus on the development of emerging industries, cultivate new economic activities. E-commerce platform to create the tide is still sinks, combined with the city’s physical industry advantages, and promote the integration of industry resources and industrial restructuring. Since the start of college students in Pizhou since the park opened, at present settled a total of 75 enterprises, led more than 600 college students’ employment. Entrepreneurial projects also includes manufacturing, trade, culture and tourism, software development, e-commerce and other fields, here you can know many friends do business, we can do business together in the exchange.

"Internet plus efforts to promote public service", the formation of government management and social service mode. Pizhou city business innovation service center set up personnel exchange and training and two new business service platform, online display of entrepreneurial resources and service employment, so that the majority of entrepreneurs with low cost and high efficiency to obtain the required information. Talent exchange training platform to aggregate talent, training personnel, the transfer of talent for the purpose of efforts to promote communication and communication between enterprises and personnel. Entrepreneurial platform focused on the city’s entrepreneurial guidance and the backbone of the strength of the elite, to provide policy advice for entrepreneurs, especially start-ups, consulting services and other aspects of capital, increase the success rate of corporate entrepreneurship.